I hate booleans. They make me feel I’m chasing my tail with their simplicity.

Dog chasing tail

Or trying to put a round peg in a square hole.

Child putting square peg in round hole

I burned through the boolean and conditional lessons like nobody’s business, and the quiz didn’t prove that hard for me either. But when I got to creating the position_taken? method in the Ruby lab, my code broke, my momentum broke and my frustration grew. True and false–easy enough, right?

It was that very simplicity that burned when those tests didn’t pass. How could I get position_taken? to give me a false response? It seemed so easy in the quizzes. . . then I realized, I was only being asked the outcomes of boolean statements rather than generating actual code designed to give me a desired response. On top of that, said desired response was false. And boy, does my brain want that desired response to be true. . . It was like asking for an “alternative fact” instead of the truth. But that alternative fact would eventually lead tot he truth. The frustration of this round-about-way of thinking was blowing my mind.

Scanners head exploding

So I’m putting booleans on ice for the moment, and letting the desire for falsity sink in during the night. I hear the truth is under attack anyway . . .

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