This should really be called “Eat Your Veggies”.

See I have this problem where I forget sometimes to eat my code veggies.

Man Fondling Lettuce

Thankfully most projects are dessert-oriented rather than veggie-oriented in that their bulk is that wonderful sweet code that I can just hang out in.

Spinning Chocolate Torte

And by code veggies I mean all the little things that go into starting projects and keeping them up and running, particularly via the CLI. So here is a blog post to make my life easier that lumps all that goodness together so I can spin up my projects without having to Google the same commands over again.

Git CLI Commands

Love those Git commands, but for some reason they never stick.

Get started:

  • Create your repo in GitHub
  • Clone your repo
  • Run git clone $paste-your-repo-name-here
  • Run cd $repo-name-without-extensions
  • Spin up atom .

Boom. You have a master.

Anna Kendrick Boom

Branch out:

  • Create your branch locally inside your master branch with git checkout -b $branch-name-here
  • Change to your branch git checkout $branch-name
  • Push the branch to GitHub git push origin $branch-name

Boom. Boom. You have a branch.

Tiny Dog Falls, Goes Boom

Merge your branches (for when you’re ready to deploy):

  • From master branch: git merge $branch-name
  • And don’t forget your -m flags to leave a message at the tone.


Creating Apps from Scratch

Get cozy in your GitHub local repo’s master branch before pushing ahead with these.

  • Ruby: Just make the files in .rb
    • Run from terminal with ruby $file-name.rb
    • For more complex OO programs, ruby bin/program-name with cascading modules/classes and call method
  • Rails: rails new app_name
  • React: npx create-react-app $app-name


Running the Show

Get those servers up! But be sure to be in that master branch

  • Ruby: ruby $file-name.rb
  • Rails: rails server
    • Drop into your db with rails console
  • Sinatra: Be sure to have a to run rackup
    • Install Tux gem and run tux to get Sinatra version of console up
  • React/Redux: Be sure to add a proxy server address to package.json if you are running a separate API backend
    • Run npm start
  • Python Simple Server: python -m SimpleHTTPServer default port is 8000, but you can change it to any port just by adding a 4-digit number afterword


Getting to dessert faster is always the way to go.

Cracking Creme Brulee with Spoon

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